What would you tell your younger self?

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Special Thanks to my little friends for making me think of all of this(: You guys rock!

If we could turn back time…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back in time? Maybe we could change a few things and make better choices. We all make mistakes and we all have regrets. I’ve sure had my fair share. Sometimes, I wish I could take back some things or prevent things from happening. Although everything in my life has made me who I am today, I definitely could have saved myself some time if I could go back and tell my younger self a few things.

Do better in school.

I would tell my freshman year self this. I would change the way I viewed school and teach myself why it is so important and where it’s going to take me in life. School is not that difficult if you apply yourself and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Be kind to yourself.

It’s fair to say that I was not easy on myself.  I’d make it be known that it is important to believe in yourself and support yourself. Not everything that happens is your fault.

Stand up for yourself.

I was always the one to get stepped on or taken advantage of until I had to learn the hard way that I had to change. Say no. Turn them down. Defend yourself. These are lessons I would teach myself because that young girl needs to learn that she is tougher than she thinks.

Enjoy everything

When I say everything, I mean everything. I’d tell myself to enjoy the friendships, bonds, and sports games. These things don’t last forever and are very easy to miss. Yes even school. Nap time most of all.

Not everyone is as kind as you think.

I would tell myself that even the people who seem the nicest, can turn out to be the biggest buttheads. The ones who seem the meanest are probably pretty nice. (but not all the time… don’t get yourself hurt)