An Open Letter to my Bestfriends

Thank you for being you.

You encounter thousands, maybe even millions of people throughout your life. Some come in your life for a few minutes or just a few years, and very few are there though it all. Not everyone you meet will end up being worth your time, but sometimes you meet someone that you know isn’t going anywhere.

Emilee, Jenna, and Betsy-

You guys are the best humans I’ve ever met. Together we are making our way though the “best 4 years of our life”. I mean I’m already 2 in and I’m saying they are pretty great. You guys have been by myside through so much it’s hard to sum up in a short blog how much you mean.

Thank you. Thank you for the random messages, ugly Snapchats, and late night heart-to-hearts. Thank you for being there through the good, the bad, and the very (very) ugly. Thank you for making me laugh until I’m in tears. Thank you for being there through the fights, the tears and the heartbreak.

Thank you for accepting me for me. You always know what I mean when I say “that one place” or “you know that one kid”. You taught me how to be myself and, most importantly, you helped me find who that person was.


I will forever be grateful for the millions of times we’ve played T-shirt, HSM, Devastated, or God Gave me You in the car. Or all the times we laughed until we cried. And all of our code words… who could forget any of those. DT-SH-HH

Thank you for it all, Here’s to so much more,



One thought on “An Open Letter to my Bestfriends

  1. omg i love you so much❤😩 don’t forget about the times where you tell me to turn left, so i do, then you start yelling “THE OTHER LEFT” because your don’t know your lefts from your rights yet. It’s okay though because you’ll learn them before you graduate from kindergarten:)

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