Hi there!


Hey Guys! So if you follow mom on Facebook you know that every weekend since like November we’ve spent our days in various high school gyms around the state. Pretty much the same thing over and over, pin after pin, win after win. Its been a pretty successful Wrestling Season for Clay. He commited to the Universty of Indianapolis to continue wrestling next year! Him and Sam are finally dating! Look for more on that soon! Brock is working at SIA and loves it! We bought a puppy last summer, Ernie. He loves to tear anything and everything up. But me, most favorite of them all is working with my best friends, Emilee and Jenna on being teenage girls. Jeffery, the horse, is better and I just introduced him to Jenna and they love each other.  LJDM is on a mission to raise $20,000 for Riley Childrens Hospital with Lafayette Jeff Dance Marathon I am an executive member of the team at Jeff. And we will be adding another 4-legged friend this spring, with the addition of our little pig, Norman. Thanks for reading and look for more soon!


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